Indigo Ocean Boutique

Bringing personality and branding together!

Hear me out, your clients want to know YOU! While working with Madison on Indigo Ocean, we sat down and talked about what her brand means to people. Madison wants her brand to make people feel seen and beautiful! Madison is a loving, funny, caring individual who wants to spread light and love wherever she goes!

I knew when we first started talking about her branding session that we wanted to incorporate some of her favorite things. When asked about her favorite things she said, the beach, the sun, nature, and laughter. What better place to enjoy all these things than Beaufort, NC!

Madison specializes in plants, Jewelry, clothes, and accessories! She officially just went full-time so that she could focus all her time and energy on making her business thrive!

I was so excited and honored to be able to make Madison's vision for her brand a reality and work with her business!

Check out her website and more about her business here ---> Indigo Ocean Boutique

Location: Beaufort, NC

Brans: Indigo Ocean Boutique

Instagram: _Indigoocean_

Message from Madison,

"Working with Sydney was one of the best Business Decisions I have ever made! She really took my vision and turned it into reality.

I have a bold and colorful personality and felt it was important to show that in my products and head shots. She captured me and my business in a true light. When folks wear my products, I want them to feel confident and happy; which is exactly how I look and felt in my pictures! It's a true blessing to have high quality, personal pictures that I can share with my clients that embody me and my brand!"

-Madison Kearney, Owner and creator of Indigo Ocean Boutique,